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The DAK Experience

Having waited a whole year extra to start my MBA journey, I was foaming at my mouth at the prospect of attending DAK. I booked tickets for the wifey and me as soon as the dates were out and started counting down the days to when I would actually be able to stand in front … Continue reading

And we are back!

It has been so so … so long! I had almost forgotten about this blog. After sharing my GMAT and MBA application journey and reveling at a Kellogg admit, I couldn’t wait to chronicle life as an MBA student in Evanston. But fate, it seems, had other plans. In parallel to my application, I had … Continue reading

A Heartfelt Thanks!

It’s been a tumultuous journey, but it has all been worth it. Now that I have acquired what I set out to achieve I want to convey a heartfelt thanks to all those have been around me and supporting me throughout the process. I couldn’t have done it without all the wonderful people around me … Continue reading

A Happy New Year !

Back after a long hiatus. I wish you all and your families a very happy 2012! Last you heard from me I was elated by am admit to the Kellogg MBA program for the class of 2014. That was followed by a celebratory trip to the beautiful Malaysia and Singapore. In case you haven’t been … Continue reading


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