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How to prepare for GMAT

To begin with a disclaimer : This post is based on my own experience of preparing for the GMAT. I understand that not everyone thinks the same way. So for you the methods could be quite different, but I hope you find something of interest in this post :). The Beginning I am the kind … Continue reading

My GMAT Experience !!!

This blog is a milestone for every blogger who starts documenting his MBA journey, and I have been itching to write it since I registered with WordPress. So finally sat for the GMAT today.  I will try to recount here my complete experience including pre-day rituals, as a guide for future GMAT takers. I had … Continue reading

GMAT Prep 1 Retake Results

Retook the GMAT Prep 1 today with the aim of improving my score in verbal, and consequently the scores in Quant dropped. I can’t balance the two out and with two days to go for the GMAT these are not good signs. Needed to take a long break between the essays and Quant section which … Continue reading

MGMAT # 6 Results

Test of consistency today with the final MGMAT. Having breached the 750 barrier last time around. I did not want to lose momentum. Got up real early and unhooked my phone and put my mobile on silent, freshened up and sat for the test as motivated as I could be for a mock. Got a … Continue reading

Analysis of an Issue # 5

ESSAY QUESTION: “Out of respect for individual freedom, government should impose no restrictions on an individual’s ability to wager at online casinos.”Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion stated above. Support your views with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading. YOUR RESPONSE: Some people believe that … Continue reading


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