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A Happy New Year !

Back after a long hiatus. I wish you all and your families a very happy 2012! Last you heard from me I was elated by am admit to the Kellogg MBA program for the class of 2014. That was followed by a celebratory trip to the beautiful Malaysia and Singapore. In case you haven’t been … Continue reading

Target Acquired : KELLOGG it is !

The long arduous path is over … sitting snugly in my mailbox at 1:30 am in the night was that much anticipated email – “Welcome to Kellogg” 😀 Heart skipped a beat, mind went numb and I stared with disbelief and unblinking eyes. 8 months of preparations, networking, hard-work, bloody-mindedness, creativity and thoroughness had finally … Continue reading

The wait is almost over !!!

After an excruciatingly long period, the wait is almost over. Kellogg result deadline for R1 is 19 Dec, 2011. So, I should know how good my application package was by the end of this week. Much water has flown under the bridge since I started preparing for GMAT and researching courses back in April. I … Continue reading

Ross Interview experience

I had my Ross off-campus interview today. I had opted for an alumni interview, as I was in no position to travel to Ann Arbor for the Super Saturday. I was really looking forward to today as I have a pretty good feeling about my fit with Ross. Having already given my Kellogg interview, I … Continue reading

Ross Interview Invite

There is really no resting, catching your breathe !!! Here I was thinking that having completed my Round 1 applications, I could now take a break for a few weeks from the application process. No such luck 🙂 At 3:05 PM EDT, on 24th October, there it was sitting snugly in my mailbox the mail … Continue reading


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