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A Happy New Year !

Back after a long hiatus. I wish you all and your families a very happy 2012!

Last you heard from me I was elated by am admit to the Kellogg MBA program for the class of 2014. That was followed by a celebratory trip to the beautiful Malaysia and Singapore. In case you haven’t been there, I would recommend Malaysia as a tourist destination. The infrastructure is great and some of the scenes there are simply stunning. The new year in front of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore was also memorable.

After a tiring and satisfying vacation, I came back to the news that I have also been admitted to the Michigan Ross MBA program. Although not being offered any scholarship made my decision to join Kellogg that much easier. But the 2 admits just go to show that the time spent researching and finding a fit, then honing my stories to present the complete picture is well worth it.

As in Engineering, the maximum amount of time in any product development cycle should be spent in the design phase. A badly designed product would more often than not lead to failures, no matter the investments in manufacturing, marketing or sustaining it. On the other hand a well designed product would require minimum of inputs to sustain it through its life cycle.

I would suggest to all future applicants to take the time and effort early in the application cycle to scope out your targets, get your stories sorted, get a feel for the pulse of the schools by talking to a lot of alumni and current students and finally prepare a blueprint of what would be the focus of your applications while applying to these schools. Even if you manage fewer applications this way, I believe the chances of success would be higher.

For me now starts the preparation phase for my 2 years in Kellogg. I want to go in with clear focus on what I want out of my 2 years at Kellogg to maximize my chances of getting it.



4 thoughts on “A Happy New Year !

  1. Congrats on the Ross admit! That’s wonderful news. Will you wait to see the final financial aid packages before deciding or are you totally set on going to Kellogg? Either way, you can’t lose. Hopefully I will see you at DAK!

    Posted by Zil Nabu (@cheetarah1980) | January 21, 2012, 3:58 pm
    • No I am pretty much certain that I am going to go with Kellogg … I had made a note to myself before applying that no matter what Kellogg is going to be my first choice … so I am going to stick to that 🙂 … I wouldn’t be able to attend DAK but hopefully we will share a class soon 😀

      Posted by pyarapopat | January 21, 2012, 5:57 pm


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