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Kellogg Part I submitted

Hello all,

Sorry for the long silence, but things have been real hectic this past month. Not only were the round 1 deadlines looming, but also a major project at work, and an internet venture of my own kept me engrossed. But rather than feeling overwhelmed, I was loving it. I realized how mundane had life been without so many chores pulling you in all different directions :). I am feeling invigorated. Although I realize I am going to be exhausted as hell by the end of October, but I am going to really enjoy every moment until then.

On the mba application front, I submitted my part1 for Kellogg. Forward planning really paid off here as I was almost ready with the resume, which only needed a few tweaks. The reply from Kellogg was really quick and I have already been assigned an alumni for the self-initiated interview. I hope to get an interview appointment for the weekend of 8th and 9th October.

At work, I finished a major personal project which I had been working on since May this year. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction, even more so since I was able to balance it with my GMAT and other application commitments. The project finalization really took a lot of time and hence I had to cut Wharton from Round 1 list, as I believed I would not be able to submit my best work before the 2nd October deadline. So eyes now turn to Michigan for which the R1 applications are due by 10th October.

But before that I am taking a well deserved break to Greece next week. I almost can’t concentrate on anything else right now, but hope to complete Ross essays before setting off. It promises to be a fantastic week off with glorious sunshine forecasted for all of the 6 days I am there. I hope to come back, refreshed and raring to go for my Ross and Kellogg essays and the Kellogg interview.

Best of luck to all my fellow applicants. Do remember to disengage and take a break between things to attack again with fresh perspective.



6 thoughts on “Kellogg Part I submitted

  1. Hey Pyarapopat!

    Are you in India? I think you are not.

    I also submitted the Kellogg part 1 a while ago but haven’t received any notification for the off-campus interview.


    Posted by ccatcher | October 7, 2011, 1:38 am
  2. Congrats on submitting the app dude. Still working on all of mine!

    Posted by The Applicationist | October 9, 2011, 10:20 pm


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