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Storyboarding my life

Last time around I told you how I committed the rookie mistake of going on to write an essay without the initial brainstorming. So this weekend I took time out to put my life on a storyboard. I started out with where I am now and put it under four threads – professional, extra-curricular, personal, academic. I jotted down what am I doing in my job, what I am good at and what I need to improve (need not be accurate but I wrote down my perception of myself), ditto for personal and extra-curricular. Having gone back a little in history I started putting stuff under academic.

That was the easy part. Next I started forming chains. Why I ended up being what I am professionally ? What were the choices I made and what were my preferences. And my life started become a web of sorts. For example I got my current job because I was good at analysis and problem solving in my previous job (professional) but also because I love traveling and hence wanted to get a job outside India (personal). And so on and so forth continued the exercise. The farthest I went in my history was the instance that inspired me to become and engineer. It was quite a fruitful exercise. MBA application apart, my life hadn’t been like white water rafting where the current took me wherever it wanted to. I had made conscious decisions to get where I am today. So far so good :).

Next came the time to look again at the questions. For each essay I identified several instances of my life which I could use as examples. There were innovations, leadership examples, failures, ethical dilemmas, conflicts and successes galore. And now when I started writing I could not stop myself. I had just relived my life. I was in touch with every joy, hope, despair and frustration I had. And I had no problem putting that on paper.

With the road to first stage clear. I have started thinking about the second stage – the revisions. I do not want my essays to not have passed through a scrutiny from people with different perspectives. At the same time I am unsure of who or how many to ask to read my essays. This is my decision as of now :
Three reviewers – a close friend, an MBA student and a person with 5+ years of experience post MBA. I think that should cover all perspectives for my essays. Anyone else with a better suggestion please help me out!



5 thoughts on “Storyboarding my life

  1. Same to you! It’s going to be a tough process!

    Posted by The Applicationist | August 19, 2011, 3:12 pm
  2. Hey,

    Good exercise and a great start! Keep writing! Keep on thinking about essays all the time, you know just like breathing, it should keep on happening unconscionably all the time and you will be amazed how many ideas you will be able to generate!

    All the best! Let me know, if you need anything on this front! I have identified all the examples for each of my essays! Its really demanding and time consuming!

    Posted by Sanket | August 20, 2011, 3:50 pm


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