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The all consuming essays

Done with all the research and planning and procrastinating that I could ever manage it was finally time to start cracking on the essays. As the world economies are queuing up to go bust, I am starting down on a path which if successful traversed will place me bang in the middle of the all the doom and gloom. Yay !!!

August 1st was my start date for the essay writing process. I was hoping that Wharton applications would go live and I would have a chance to see what are the components apart from the essays that I have to work on. Apparently the essays are not the only things that will keep me awake. Apparently, one has to write commentaries on honors received, positions held, activities involved in etc etc. I think with all the uniqueness I hear the schools are looking for and all the introspection they expect candidates to put in, every student who gets admitted must also have enough material to release his or her autobiography.

Anyways, as I started work on the essay on the 1st of August I was pretty charged up. I wrote, scratched and re-wrote for close to 3 hours and at the end was beaming as I held the first draft of my first MBA application essay. Content with the days work I dozed off. Next day as I sat down to admire my handiwork from the day before, I was flabbergasted. What I had managed to achieve was a load of bull. Suddenly in the light of another day the essay did not seem all that nice. In fact it was downright crap. So I started all over again. After three iterations of the same thing I realized that there was something fundamentally wrong. I reached out to my support system and received a prompt reply which I am going to share with you one of the ways you can approach your applications. So here goes …

The best way to approach writing your essays, I was told, is to not write them … errrrr!! … My friend continued – What is needed is a storyboard – your ideas, emotions, experiences, passions should all come together to paint a picture … But how do I do that !!! … You have to put all the elements of your story down on a piece of paper and not worry about any one particular essay. Once you have all your basic elements in one place pick and choose what are you going to highlight in each of the essays, making sure that all essays of a school when put together convey as many of the things you have on that paper as possible … That sounds easy !!!

Well it is not … as I realized yesterday. Brainstorming your entire life is not easy at all. Thinking about what do you love to do most in this world or remembering what were your emotions at one particular moment in your life requires a lot of effort. But such is the MBA application process that a truly authentic candidate would have done all that and more. As for me I am just starting out … and the first thing that I have let go is the fear of failure. I will not think if I will get admitted by writing an essay in this way or that. I will just answer each essay as honestly and as succinctly as I can to present the true picture of who I am. And if the adcoms in all the 4 schools I am applying to, do not think I am the kind of person who can succeed on their campuses than too bad … maybe I would then think about publishing my autobiography instead :).

How has your experience been with the essays? I would love to know.



3 thoughts on “The all consuming essays

  1. Hi,

    I was facing same situation here….My blog might be useful….I have written everything helped me in getting out such situation…


    All the best!

    Posted by Sanket | August 14, 2011, 3:55 pm
    • Hey Sanket … went through your blog posts … really awesome stuff you have there … and its incredible that you have been at it for such a long time … I am a fairly new entrant to this “Game” and hence my struggles … is great to find friends on the blogosphere who are ready to help 🙂 … added your blog to my blogroll … have you decided your schools yet ?

      Posted by pyarapopat | August 15, 2011, 10:48 am


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