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Resume Writing

MBA Applications started in earnest this week as I started work on my Resume. And as with all other aspects of the application process, as soon as I started work on it, I was immediately confused. What should be the format, what should be the sections, how do I present the information, what should be the granularity of the information – basically how do I make my life boil down to a 1 page black and white A4 sheet!

As always El Goog came to the rescue. After 4 hours of sitting in front of a computer screen on a Saturday afternoon bathed in sunshine, I finally started to get the hand og an “MBA Application Resume”. There are few things that stand out :
1. It should be readable : don’t cram up everything you have done in there … I know its tough but you will have to pick and choose from your achievements 😦
2. It should follow the action-impact model : Don’t just write what you did but also what impact did it have
3. It should make you stand out : With all the engineers/analysts applying how does your resume differentiate you from others … And no it is not through fancy backgrounds and fonts but through an Additional section which highlights your interests, experiences, activities … basically what makes YOU unique.

I have been sticking to these gospels and am on the third version of my resume already. What about you ? Any luck in the resume writing process ?

Some useful resources for resume writing :
1. Let’s talk about Resumes
2. F1 GMAT



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