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Targets Acquired

After much deliberation, going back and forth and decision reversals, I have finally decided my list of MBA colleges to apply to. The decision was primarily based on my career goals and my instincts about the “fit” in the program. Other factors I considered were class size (I prefer a bigger class size), no requirement for an English language test (I didn’t want to give the TOEFL/IELTS) and my numbers relative to the average incoming class. So here goes the list :

1. Wharton – Round 1 – Deadline : 03-October-2011
a guy can always hope 🙂

2. Michigan Ross – Round 1 – Deadline : 10-October-2011
My kind of placefingers crossed !!!

3. Kellogg – Round 1 – Deadline : 18-October-2011 (for Part II)
seems just beyond reach … would be great if I can make it

4. CMU Tepper – Round 1 – Deadline : 24-October-2011
My numbers are good with respect to Tepper so really want to concentrate hard on the quality of application here.

If all goes well on time for these applications I might apply to MIT Sloan. That’s my strategy for now.

How about you ? Find any schools in common ?

BTW : I found this very good resource to track your applications online – Apply in the Sky. Tell me if you like it too.



4 thoughts on “Targets Acquired

  1. Hey mate it’s great that you have finally approached some of the best places for pursuing MBA. But I feel its never late to take any suggestion from anyone. So, I also want to suggest you the name of a leading university named UPES Dehradun which if you find suitable can add on to your list. The university is well working in the field of management and provides various options under MBA. To have a clear view you can look at the website; upes[dot]ac[dot]in.
    For more information you can have a view of their official Facebook fan page with the name UniversityofPetroleumandEnergyStudies.

    Posted by Anonymous | July 22, 2011, 3:48 pm
  2. Nice list of schools…all da best … we have W and Michigan in common…but i might wait till R2 for W…for me R1 will be Chicago anD Michigan…i visited chicago and kellogg last year…though kellogg has a great atmosphere is relatively light when it comes to acads…but Booth’s students stand out…you can feel the energy… 🙂

    Posted by Anonymous | July 24, 2011, 11:31 am


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