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School Selection begins

Before the MBA schools reject me, I have to select them … ” 😀

Jokes apart … Just when you think that you can sit back and relax after cracking the GMAT Code, you have school dilemma to solve. So there are two very important questions facing me now :
1. How many schools do I apply to ?
2. Which schools do I apply to ?

A1. Most of the people I have sought advice from suggest putting in 5 applications – 1 reach school, 2 core schools and 2 safe schools. And each time I have wished they would advice something different. I am a gambler at heart. The concept of a safe school doesn’t appeal to me very much. I feel OK gambling for reach schools, knowing that I can always reapply next year, hopefully with a better experience and little more savings ;). So for now my gut feeling says 3 schools – 2 reach and 1 core, with the option of adding one school in either category. The addition will depend on how I fell after I have put all my application components in one place.

A2. Hmmm  … which schools do I apply to. I was looking at just the top universities to begin with. I narrowed it down to top 20 after my GMAT preparation results (which were good :)). I am pretty much sticking to that post GMAT (a 760 on GMAT means that I would be in middle 50 % or above of almost any school). So the aim for the this month is to put in a lot of research on the top 20 programs. I am using the GMAT Club ranking for my list of top 20 schools. The research would involve finding out about – teaching methodology, courses, majors on offer, culture, career prospects, location etc. etc. I also intend to talk to alumni and current students of different schools to seek their opinion and find out about their experiences. It already seems a formidable task and I have not even started the application process :).

This app season looks like its going to be a lot of fun and I feel I am in right state of mind to land my target.




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