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MGMAT # 6 Results

Test of consistency today with the final MGMAT. Having breached the 750 barrier last time around. I did not want to lose momentum. Got up real early and unhooked my phone and put my mobile on silent, freshened up and sat for the test as motivated as I could be for a mock. Got a painful analysis of an argument :X. Couldn’t think of anything to write for a good amount of time. Finally decided to stick with the advice that the structure is more important than content and BSed my way to an essay :). The analysis of an issue was much simpler. The scores today were :

Quant – 51 (99%)
Verbal – 45 (99%)
Overall – 780 (99%)

Oh! how I wish today were the actual GMAT and not just a mock :). The analysis of the two sections.

Quant :

No problems in time. With just two easy questions on my nemesis Geometry, I finished 10 minutes ahead of time :).
Incorrect and guessed answers
1. P10 (DS, 99 to 89 %ile) – silly mistake of taking even*odd=odd.
2. P13 (DS, 97 to 88 %ile) – failed to infer all the information from the statement.
3. P24 (PS, 99 to 95 %ile) – incorrect inference from the statement.

Verbal :

Got the first 18 questions in Verbal correct 🙂
1. P19 (RC, 99 to 96 %ile) : incorrect inference of the purpose of the passage.
2. P21 (RC, 97 to 92 %ile) : correct answer was expertly camouflaged in the RC and their was a lollypop wrong answer. Will look out for that in GMAT
3. P24 (CR, 96 to 92 %ile) : incorrect interpretation of the argument
4. P28 (SC, 96 to 92%ile) : wrong expression for indeterminate quantity
5. P36 (SC, 99 to 97 %ile) : incorrect use of pronoun “where”
only five mistakes in Verbal 😀
1. When used to introduce a noun modifier, “whose” always refers to the immediately preceding noun.
2. We cannot refer to a “person” with the pronoun “which.” Rather, the pronoun “who” would have to be used.
3. Incorrect idiom : “attributed as his own”, “attributed to be…” (the correct idiom is “X is attributed to Y”)
4. Incorrect idiom : “suspect … not to have written” (the correct idioms are “suspect that…” and “suspect X of VERBing”).
5. Incorrect idiom : “Around the vicinity of” (The correct idiom is “in the vicinity of.”)
6. The expression “as many as” refers to a portion of the “population,” which is an uncountable noun (i.e., one cannot say “one population, two population”); hence, the correct expression here is “as much as” rather than “as many as.”
7. The construction “by… and also” requires the idiom “by X and also by Y.”
8. Incorrect idiom : “made possible because of …” (The correct idiom is “made possible by”)
9. it is preferable to use “rather than” with verbs, in place of “instead of,” which is better used with nouns.
10 . The pronoun “where” can refer only to physical locations.



5 thoughts on “MGMAT # 6 Results

  1. Seems as if you got a lot of SC’s Based on idioms

    Posted by Gurvinder | May 29, 2011, 10:44 am
  2. Looking good!

    Posted by Carl Incognito | May 30, 2011, 3:02 pm
  3. I wrote yesterday about your impressive results 🙂

    Posted by Izvos | June 2, 2011, 4:47 pm

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