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MGMAT # 5 Results

Finally breached the 750 barrier on MGMAT#5. No short cuts … wrote the two essays before starting the test. Again the AWAs were easy and passed without trouble. Really pumped up with the results :D. The scores today were :

Quant – 50 (95%)
Verbal – 45 (99%)
Overall – 770 (99%)

The analysis of the two sections.

Quant :

Again lost time around the 30th question. Ended up rushing through the last few questions. Still not properly timing my quant section.
Incorrect and guessed answers :
1. P4 (DS, 99 to 83 %ile) – old achilles’ heel of getting the triangle in a circle geometry problem wrong.
2. P8 (DS, 99 to 87 %ile) – silly mistake of considering n instead of n-2.
3. P13 (DS, 99 to 92 %ile) – another silly mistake because of rushing through the question.
4. P14 (DS, 92 to 86 %ile) – days for silly mistakes … used 1 and 2 to answer the question and marked only 2 is sufficient
5. P22 (PS, 99 to 94 %ile) – error in interpreting the information in the qs.
6. P34 (PS, 99 to 96 %ile) – solved for a wrong value
7. P37 (PS, 99 to 96 %ile) – failed to answer the question due to lack of time

Verbal :

1. P4 (CR, 99 to 90 %ile) : chose the wrong option to strengthen the argument.
2. P8 (RC, 99 to 95 %ile) : failed to identify the purpose of the passage
3. P17 (SC, 99 to 95 %ile) : misplaced modifier
4. P20 (CR, 99 to 94 %ile) : failed to identify the assumption needed for the passage
only four mistakes in Verbal šŸ˜€
1. “Which” must modify the immediately preceding noun only; it cannot modify the action of an entire clause
2. The expression ā€œas thoughā€ introduces a suppositionĀ that is contrary to fact.Ā Such suppositions must be expressed inĀ the subjunctive mood. For example, in the phrase “I wish I were rich,” the verb “were” is in the subjunctive because the phrase expresses a desire contrary to fact.




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