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Analysis of an Issue # 4

“Nuclear weapons are potentially more devastating than any other weapon in human history. We must stop pointing the nuclear gun at our own heads. The best way to lower the threat of nuclear war is for the nuclear capable nations, including the U.S., to lead by example and dismantle their own nuclear arsenals.”Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the position stated above. Support your viewpoint using reasons and examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.
Some people agree that as the nuclear weapons are potentially more devastating than any other weapon in the history, we should dismantle our nuclear arsenals. Others argue that there is no such need and we should maintain and even increase our nuclear stockpile to act as deterrent. The issue is very contentious, but I would agree with the stance that we need to dismantle our current nuclear arsenals. There are several reasons to do so.Firstly, throughout history wars have been fought between armies and soldiers. But today, especially with the advent of nuclear weapons and the ICBMs which can carry them across continents, wars are no longer between armies alone. A war between two countries can lead to severe atrocities on the people of those countries. We have seen in the case of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, how the Japanese citizens have paid for the political wrangle started by their leaders. The nuclear weapons of today should be be dismantled as they are not weapons we would go to war with, but they are weapons we would use to strike fear deep into the heart of our enemy by committing grave crimes against humanity.

Secondly, the nuclear weapons are not just devastating for the present. The after-effects of a nuclear explosion linger on for decades. The radioactivity contaminates land, water and air alike, making the region an inhabitable desert and maiming the current population as well as the future generations of the region. Even new-born children suffer from ghastly conditions such as cancer and mutations.

And most importantly, the nuclear horde of one country leads to a feeling of insecurity in all other countries who feel threatened by that country. The result is a nuclear race among countries in the guise of maintaining a nuclear stockpile as deterrent. But if one of these countries falls prey to an economic recession, the nuclear arsenal of that country can easily fall into disrepair. Such a country would be an ideal target for the various terror groups operating today. We can only shudder in horror by thinking about the consequences if some of these nuclear weapons were to fall into wrong hands.

Thus we can see that nuclear weapons can be potentially devastating not just for warring armies but the populations of countries involved, the after-effects of a nuclear war would linger on for years and there is always the fear of some nuclear weapons falling in the hands of some rogue agency leading to global annihilation. The only possible course of action to prevent such devastating consequences is to dismantle the nuclear arsenals of today.



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