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MGMAT # 4 Results

It was the turn of MGMAT#4 today. I had completed all the sections in the different course books, so this was as prepared as I was ever going to be. Felt really confident sitting down for the test in the morning. The AWAs were easy and I wrote them without dipping much in my pool of stamina. The overall result was a astory of almost there. Just need to build up my examination temperament now and I will be all set for that 750 score. 🙂 The scores today were :

Quant – 49 (90%)
Verbal – 42 (96%)
Overall – 740 (98%)

Almost in the touching distance of that 750+ score.

The analysis of the two sections.

Quant :

Was doing fairly well on timing until the 28th question, where I really got stuck and couldn’t move at all. I ended up not marking the last answer which really killed my overall score. Was hoping to top 50 this time, maybe next time :).  Still just don’t know when to give up.
Incorrect and guessed answers :
1. P2 (DS, 85 to 58 %ile) – deduced that 1 and 2 are individually not sufficient to answer the qs, but the in the haste forgot to combine the two statements and check.
2. P21 (PS, 99 to 94 %ile) – got 18 consecutive problems correct before this one 🙂 … but failed to visualize the problem involving a cube and a sphere in 3D.
3. P26 (DS, 99 to 96 %ile) – silly mistake in – sign while solving an inequality.
4. P31 (PS, 99 to 96 %ile) – was hurried and couldn’t understand the question … guessed and guessed wrong 😦
5. P32 (DS, 96 to 93 %ile) – conceptual mistake in geometry … lack of time also culpable
6. P36 (PS, 96 to 93 %ile) – conceptual mistake … did not use the correct numbers to get the answer
7. P37 (PS, 93 to 90 %ile) – failed to answer the question due to lack of time

1. the sum of the factors of any perfect square is odd
2. What percent y is greater than x : (y-x)/x * 100

Verbal :

1. P3 (CR, 99 to 76 %ile) : Could not understand the meaning of the correct answer choice.
2. P7 (SC, 99 to 91 %ile) : Used incorrect modifiers
3. P11 (RC, 99 to 92 %ile) : drew incorrect inference from the passage
4. P12 (RC, 92 to 85 %ile) : drew incorrect inference from the passage
5. P19 (SC, 99 to 96 %ile) : incorrect use of the which modifier
6. P24 (SC, 99 to 97 %ile) : incorrect use of whether
7. P28 (CR, 99 to 97 %ile) : silly mistake in overlooking the correct option
8. P30 (SC, 98 to 96 %ile) : incorrect use of idiom “correlate … with”
9. P31 (CR, 96 to 93 %ile) : did not know how to solve mimic the argument questions
10. P35 (CR, 96 to 93 %ile) : Incorrect inference drawn from the passage
11. P39 (SC, 97 to 94 %ile) : Incorrect use of like and did not understand the comparison
1. the correct idiom is “to consider X Y” and not “consider X to be Y”
2. “which” modifier must touch the thing that it modifies
3. “Whether or not” is redundant; “whether” by itself indicates the full meaning. (C) “About whether” is both redundant and awkward.
4. “If” is used to indicate a condition or a future possibility
5. the proper idiom is “correlate … with” rather than “correlate … to.”
6. Study how to solve mimic the argument questions in CR.



2 thoughts on “MGMAT # 4 Results

  1. good analysis of your mistakes.

    Posted by mymbadreamz | May 28, 2011, 11:36 am

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