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MGMAT # 3 Results

Took the MGMAT#3 today. This time I was sure I was going to do well. Had had done well in practice questions, knew what was coming and most importantly felt good in the morning. All this only to fall flat on my face when the test score was out :(. To pick up a few positives, at least I seem to be breezing through the AWAs without much loss in focus and ready for the other two sections. The scores today were :

Quant – 46 (79%)
Verbal – 40 (91%)
Overall – 700 (91%)

Still not getting to that 750+ score.

The analysis of the two sections.

Quant :

1. Timing went completely haywire. This is the second time it has happened in MGMAT tests. The problem is that I seem to be able to solve all the questions, but spending a lot of time for that. In effect I get a very good score at the start of the exam, but all the good worked is undone by the wild guessing at the end. I am thinking that I should just wild guess on the ultra tough questions and let CAT give me easier questions :). But herein lies the problem – I just don’t know when to give up.
2. Read questions properly and spend extra time on the initial few questions as the concentration is a little lower.

Verbal :

1. SC : “are different than,” is incorrect, the idiomatic expression is “are different from,” and the more concise “differ from” would be even better.
2. SC : always use the most simple tenses allowed; the perfect tenses, and other complicated tenses, are used only when required by the sentence structure.
3. SC : “demand for x” implies x is needed, whereas “y is in demand in x” implies y is needed.
4. SC : passive voice is not preferable to active voice when a grammatical active version is also offered as a choice.
5. “because of having…”, is unidiomatic: “because of” must be followed by a noun.
6. SC : “compared to” and “compared with” are equivalent idioms from the point of view of the GMAT; either is correct.



4 thoughts on “MGMAT # 3 Results

  1. Keep up the good work! Neither of us is reaching the 750+ level consistently, but it’s clear that there is a lot of learning to take away. A little over 3 weeks to go, and if you can do the second GMAT prep test and perhaps re-take one or both of them, and score 730-740+ on all of those, then you’re probably in great shape!

    Posted by Carl Incognito | May 15, 2011, 4:05 pm
    • Yes … I am also hoping that three weeks will prove to be a long time … One advantage of the MGMAT tests is that they give you an analysis over all the tests that what are your fastest/slowest and most/least accurate subjects. That has really helped me focus. So it is Geometry in Quant and RC in Verbal for the next one week and lets see how the scores pan out from there.

      Posted by pyarapopat | May 16, 2011, 10:18 am


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