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Life minus GMAT

The Bucket List

What do you do when you have given yet another GMAT Practice test and yet again failed to hit the heights you had aimed for. Turns out that you can jot down a bucket list 🙂 (try it if you haven’t tried this option). Turns out MBA is not the end of life for me there are more important things I have to accomplish. Here are the top few :

1. Visit iguazu falls in Brazil
2. Visit the grand canyon
3. Make a road trip across the US
4. Take a cruise around the Carribean
5. Drive around in New Zealand
6. Attend a World Cup football match
7. Attend a World Cup cricket match
8. Attend the El Clasico at the Bernabeu
9. Watch auroras in Norway
10. Trek to the base of Mt Everest
11. Sky dive
12. Take a scuba diving course
13. Take a spa vacation in Kerala, India
14. Visit Taj Mahan on a full moon night
15. Travel through Rajasthan in Palace on Wheels
16. Go on a safari in South Africa
17. Own a house (wow i never imagined it would come so down on the list !!!)
18. Own a book shop/Have a huge library in my house




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