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MGMAT # 2 Results

Did the second complete  simulation of the GMAT today with MGMAT 2. Felt a lot better than the last time around. I finished the essays well in time and they flowed much more easily too. The percentile improved a lot but not in the direction i would have preferred :

Quant – 51 (99%)
Verbal – 38 (85%)
Overall – 730 (97%)

Still not good enough for the 750+ score I was aiming for. Need a lot of improvement in the Verbal section.

These are the key take-homes from this test

Quant :

1. Timed myself much better. Started guessing intelligently when there were 10 mins left to answer 5 qs. This helped me get the last two correct as I was able to solve them instead of just clicking on anything.
2. Read questions properly and spend extra time on the initial few questions as the concentration is a little lower.
3. In absolute value problems form cases when expression is less than and greater than 0.
4. In geometry problems, don’t deduce information from the diagrams, always look at what is given in the problem statement.

Verbal :

1. CR : Pay attention on the wording of the questions in CR problems. A small change in words can mean a completely different answer.
2. RC : Correct answers to “inference” questions will not be stated explicitly in the passage; nevertheless, the information must be true according to information given somewhere in the passage. Wrong answers will often go “too far,” asserting something that might be plausible in the real world but is not directly supported by any specific information given in the passage.
3. RC : Answers to “look-up” questions will be directly stated somewhere in the passage. (eg. the passage provides evidence to address – ).
4. SC : The connection punctuation, a semi-colon, is used to connect two complete sentences.
5. SC : The construction “so x as to y,”  is a suspect idiomatic form, one that is not preferred by the GMAT.  Moreover, “so large as to cause…” means that the outcome definitely happens.
6. SC : the phrase “remembered because of” is unidiomatic; the correct idiomatic construction is “remembered for”.
7. SC : When the future is indicated from the point of view of the past, the simple future is not used. Instead, the conditional is required. For example, “The man said that he would buy a new car” is preferable to “The man said that he will buy a new car.”



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