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Kaplan Free Test

Gave the Kaplan Free Test today !!! It went better than the MGMAT but still a lot of concerns. The verbal score refuses to go higher and the Quant score is ‘yo-yoing’ like anything.
The Final score was 690 (91%) – Q45 (94%), V42 (95%)

Quant : DS (12 correct out of 14), PS (21 correct out of 23)
Verbal : CR (10 correct out of 11), SC (11 correct out of 16), RC (13 correct out of 14)

The key take-aways from the test :

RC :
1. The correct answer to an explicit detail question is always there in the text. Find an reread the relevant portion. Don’t pick answers based on a hunch.
2. The correct answer to “global” questions has to cover the same topic and scope, and reflect the same tone, as the passage itself.
3. Answer to “primary” purpose questions must be consistent with the information in every paragraph.

SC :
1. Avoid the passive when you can
2. The Limón Dance Company believes that, since the death of José Limón in 1972, they have and will continue to perpetuate the shared artistic vision of Limón and his mentor and collaborator Doris Humphrey, who both choreographed works in the company’s active repertory.
GMAT sentences often introduce errors by separating parts of a sentence that must agree, hoping this separation will cause you to miss the fact that these parts don’t. “Have” and “will continue to” are both parts of the verb here. Both must go with “perpetuate.” But you can’t say “they have . . . perpetuate,”



3 thoughts on “Kaplan Free Test

  1. I did my Kaplan test today and had the exact same question as your SC #2. Got it wrong as well.

    Posted by Carl Incognito | May 10, 2011, 11:11 pm


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