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Life minus GMAT

Goals for the year

In the blur of GMAT preparation and frenzy of B-school application, I sometimes end up forgetting that I have a life. This seems to be as good a place as any to “cast in stone” my personal targets for the year. Apart from doing my best on the GMAT and later on in the application season, I also want to concentrate on things which I have long neglected in one guise or the other. I am recording these things for myself and will have a reality check every 2 months to see how far have I progressed on each front.

1. The first thing on my mind is to get back in shape. I need to loose at least 6 kgs (I am 76 now and would like to be 70 before I join a business school. In addition, I want to do some endurance work. The KPI for this would be a 5 km run before I start B-school next year. ( I can barely make 800m now, so trust me it is a big deal !!!)

2. The second objective I have is to be fluent in French. I am fairly comfortable talking but listening is a bit of an iffy thing now. The day get out of a meeting in French having understood the entire conversation, I would chalk this off.

3. The third thing I want to do before I start B-school is enjoy an 8 day trip to Greece.

4. Lastly I want to be able to play Happy Birthday on my guitar before my wife’s birthday (30 Dec 2011)

Hope I am on target 🙂



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