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GMAT Prep 1 Results

After procrastinating it for a long time, finally gave the GMATPrep test this weekend.

Leading up to the test I had planned to do a first review of all the topics covered in GMAT. But due to my laziness fell well short of the target. I did a first pass on all things quant. All the old formulas and tricks started coming back to me. It took 8 nights to revise everything. Then proceeded on to Verbal. Had planned 2 weeks to go through SC, CR and RC in that order, but all I managed was a first pass on SC (used Manhattan GMAT SC book, great resource). Even for that I was not sure that I remembered everything I had read, so decided to study SC again instead of moving on to the other parts. The second time around I made notes and tried to solve relevant questions from the OG12. Again time proved to be my enemy and I could not complete everything as planned. But I had decided beforehand that today would be a reality check and I would give the GMAT Prep 1 test come what may !!!

Tried to simulate the test as best I could. Shut myself off from the world – no phones, no email, no ipod. Skipped the AWA section (will definitely do that one from next time around). I realized that I was pretty pumped up for the test and felt real good once the test started. But the excitement began to wear off towards the end and fell fatigued towards the end of Verbal Section. I completed the Quant section with 1 min to spare and Verbal with 15. One thing I definitely will have to do is to work on the stamina. If i add the 30 mins for AWA to my exam time, I think I would be barely able to sit during the verbal section – let alone solve.

Finally for the results – got a 750 overall with a Q-50 and V-41 breakup. Got 7 out of 37 incorrect in Quant and 8 out of 41 in Verbal.

Areas for improvement
1. Increase Stamina
2. committed the cardinal sin of getting the 5th question in Quant and 2nd question in Verbal wrong, need to concentrate harder at the start
3. Weak sections in Quant : DS, in Verbal : SC (though got quite a few CR wrong as well, 100 % accuracy in RC :))

Noe that I know the things I have to work on, I believe I can work with much more focus to improve my scores. The target being 770 (and an even break up in Quant and Verbal) I need to work a lot, but there’s still a lot of time to go between now and 6th June so I hope I will be able to make it.

Next time around I will be giving the MGMAT 1 – stay tuned for the updates πŸ™‚



One thought on “GMAT Prep 1 Results

  1. Thanks for the comment fellow blogger – and well done on the practice test, that’s a great effort! Would definately recommend doing AWA sections next time, as it’ll ensure you’re used to switching from an hour of non-maths related focus to the quant πŸ™‚


    When I sat this practice test I walked away with a 730, so just a question or so less than you (can’t remember the break-down) but found it a little easier than the official test – I think the GMATprep question bank might not be loaded too heavily with 700+ quant questions (took the official one two weeks ago; 680 with a 5.5AWA, happy with V42 but really disappointed with Q40).

    Will keep a keen eye on your progress + revision tips as will be booking a re-sit around June-time ! πŸ™‚

    Posted by Chris M | April 24, 2011, 12:12 am

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