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Results of the OG 12 Diagnostic Test

So after a brief overview of verbal and being as confident as I could be in a week, I finally got down to the nitty-gritty of the OG12 Diagnostic Tests.

Well it was not a pleasurable experience at all, as I think somewhere in my work-life I have lost the ability to sit still and concentrate for anything more than 60 mins. And here I was trying to sit through a test for more than 4 hours. It was hopeless, so had to break it down into three sessions.

The results were disappointing but pretty much on the expected lines. Here are the results and the OG12 interpretations :

1.      Problem solving : 22 correct out of 24 , 3 min per question

OG12 Verdict – Excellent  🙂

2.      Data Sufficiency : 19 correct out of 24

OG12 Verdict – Excellent

3.      Reading Comprehension : 12 correct out of 17 (tiredness started creeping in :()

OG12 Verdict – Average

4.      Critical Reasoning : 14 correct out of 17 (after a fresh start)

OG12 Verdict – Excellent

5.      Sentence Correction : 9 correct out of 18 (abysmal strike rate)

OG12 Verdict – Average

My results in verbal were a mixed bag. I thought I would fare better in Reading Comprehension, but did not have much chance in Sentence Correction. Even then it was shocking to see the amount of spoken English we use in our day-to-day lives is grammatically incorrect.

I guess I will concentrate on the Sentence correction portion for now. Will keep updating if and when I Improve ;).



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