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Getting over Quant … and under Verbal!

After every GMAT blog advising me, every GMAT taker I have known telling me, and all my “good” friends pestering me to start my GMAT preparation early (90 days before the exam!!!) … I finally started studying with 60 days left to go.

But i did heed another advice. I did take a practice test before starting the preparation, to know where I stand. And no surprises! like most of my fellow Indians I am OK with quant but a sucker for Verbal. Why Indians inherently excel at Quant is a topic for another blog post but for now I had a pressing question. Should I go ahead study the shit out of quant and maximize my score or should I do the “Charge of the Light Brigade” on Verbal and hope that my score somehow improves over the next two months /

After much deliberation … and a whole lot more of procrastination ;), I finally decided doing Quant first would at least get me into study-mode again. And I could boost up my frail ego by notching up high scores in this section. Only if life would be that smooth 🙂 … Although I fared pretty well in Problem solving, Data Sufficiency has proved to be my undoing. So have been concentrating real hard on DS for the past few days. And I think I have finally gotten the hang of it.

So now begins the most dreaded phase. My assault on the Verbal section! Keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I understand that my final score in GMAT is going to depend nearly completely on how good soul-mates, verbal and I become.

Will keep posting on the progress. Have fun!



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