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Here we go !!!

And just like that … following some deft finger-work on the keyboard, I was down 299 $ and had a GMAT date. 6th June 2011, will be the D-day for me … Finally I have started down on the path, which is either going to culminate with an admit in an MBA course sometime next year … or …  a very pissed off boss and bad reviews.

Why am I taking this step at this point in my life ? Well ! let me a tell you a bit about myself. I am a 26 year old engineer, working in Paris for a top MNC. I am very happy with my job and love my life here. At least I was until the career progression bug bit me at the start of this year. And interestingly it was my company which forced me to think where I was heading and what did I see myself doing 5 years down the line with them, during my annual performance review. I realized that I did not even see myself working with them 5 years from now. What would I be doing ? … I did not know then. But one thing was for certain, I needed a get out of jail card and an MBA seemed to be it.

My reasons for doing an MBA did not start on the right note. But after thorough ‘introspections’, several lively discussions with friends and hefty family interventions, I found myself on the mba.com webpage, registering myself for the GMAT. I am pretty much a novice as far as GMAT, essays and MBA applications go. But I am hoping that during this journey of an year, I would pick up a lot of stuff, make a lot of friends and enjoy the process to the hilt.

Although I have taken my GMAT dates, I have no clue at all about the study materials or test strategies. I just hope the three month period is enough. the next task for me is to research material, find out my strengths and weaknesses and prepare a strategy to crack the GMAT code.

Wish me luck !!!



2 thoughts on “Here we go !!!

  1. My test date is June 4th! Looks like we’ll have a busy and interesting weekend in early June.

    Posted by Carl Incognito | May 10, 2011, 11:08 pm

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